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Anonymous asked: i wish i were as skinny as you. you're so beautiful.

<3 this made my emotional, sad, shitty night. thanks

parmajean asked: hey, it's jean! i'm not stalking you, i just saw the link on you facebook :)

i just saw this O_O i am NEVER on tumblr

GIRL LETS HIT UP A SHOW TOGETHER.. will i still maybe see you at cocorosie??

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"im moving, fading, dating, hating all these things.. but nothing lasts the whole night through, I thought I’ve gotten over you. But you still stay true, you stuck to your guns when my guns fell apart.It’s a war in a half, and I’ve forgotten, i was suppose to laugh. You perfected your craft and I forgotten I had a heart….Im moving past it now too quickly for it all to work out."

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bringthesoulback asked: I'm like addicted to Tijuana Panthers now, thanks :]

hahah me too! im listening to them right now xD

Anonymous asked: so, i saw on your facebook that your single. Is this true? :D

i was always “single”. just more single now…… stop anoning me on tumblr and just talk to me… god fuck.

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Anonymous asked: Oh please, You don't like to put people in pain? You're so fake. Get the fuck out of here.

lol :) well.. i don’t intentionally try to, unless you really deserve it because you’re a fucking asshole.

… and i’ve been waiting for someone to call me fake, it’s just the funniest thing…