Anonymous asked: i wish i were as skinny as you. you're so beautiful.

<3 this made my emotional, sad, shitty night. thanks

parmajean asked: hey, it's jean! i'm not stalking you, i just saw the link on you facebook :)

i just saw this O_O i am NEVER on tumblr

GIRL LETS HIT UP A SHOW TOGETHER.. will i still maybe see you at cocorosie??

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"im moving, fading, dating, hating all these things.. but nothing lasts the whole night through, I thought I’ve gotten over you. But you still stay true, you stuck to your guns when my guns fell apart.It’s a war in a half, and I’ve forgotten, i was suppose to laugh. You perfected your craft and I forgotten I had a heart….Im moving past it now too quickly for it all to work out."

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bringthesoulback asked: I'm like addicted to Tijuana Panthers now, thanks :]

hahah me too! im listening to them right now xD

Anonymous asked: so, i saw on your facebook that your single. Is this true? :D

i was always “single”. just more single now…… stop anoning me on tumblr and just talk to me… god fuck.

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Anonymous asked: Oh please, You don't like to put people in pain? You're so fake. Get the fuck out of here.

lol :) well.. i don’t intentionally try to, unless you really deserve it because you’re a fucking asshole.

… and i’ve been waiting for someone to call me fake, it’s just the funniest thing…

Insightful Challenge, day 4:What is your biggest strength? How did you develop it?

hmm. My biggest strength. I’m not sure, but I know I am very very good at understanding people. I know what everyone means, I have allowed my own head to wander, so I understand any feeling or insane thought someone may have, it’s natural and it’s beautiful.  I know this one sounds weird, but through the years of meeting people I have taught myself this weird soul type thing, kind of ESP future telling sense I get. Right when I meet someone, without them even saying hello, I can tell how me and that persons relationship is going to work out. I typically never listen to myself, because I know what’s going to happen, but I just know if it’s going to be a good relationship or not, and I just know how long it’s going to last.

But I can also say, I have a great strength as a female. I am very independent for the most part, I am confident when it comes to what I love. I push people for what I want, I will get what I want. If you truly want something in life, you will work for it, otherwise, you don’t really want it. I like to believe I have strength in being able to make others feel happy or comforted. I know I can make others feel beautiful, love themselves, and be confident. I don’t want anyone to feel the pain I go through, so I will project it towards them so we can all understand each other and feed off of each others art. I hope to make them cry out of beautiful realization, i hope they then fall and spill their heart into what they love. To say everything they need to say and express it in their own way; Fall in love with life, or something along that, maybe our souls. There is no reason to not say what you want or be yourself, there is someone out there who you will touch and inspire. Closing yourself away is just hurting someone else, I believe for every honest thing you say, that means something to you, saves a life, and your words will stick to them forever, even if they don’t say anything about it. A lot of people are scared to say their true feelings, especially to others because, we don’t want to be alone. You will only be alone if you do or say nothing. If you do nothing, nothing does. I hope through my fashion in life, and my music, it will make all girls and boys love themselves and it will inspire them to be themselves, be the freak they are, and be wild and free. To be an animal like what we really are. I think I have the power to do that.